Link 2 Realty Ltd

Working Together

The Link 2 Realty Ltd referral process is designed to reach REALTORS® anywhere in Canada. Our demonstrated expertise in serving communities across Ontario (residential, multi-family residential, condos, industrial and commercial, etc.) is what makes it work.

We don’t list or sell your property. We help you find a REALTOR® you trust who does.

Working with you for you

Link 2 Realty Ltd has a network of contacts across Canada. We suggest REALTORS® who specialize, or have demonstrated expertise, in your type of real estate and who work with various companies.

That’s right. It doesn’t matter what company the REALTOR® works for, what matters is that they can provide the service you need for your unique situation.

Link 2 Realty Ltd focuses on helping you find and work with a REALTOR® that will provide you with exceptional services. Our services, however, are not designed for anyone who is already working with a REALTOR®.

When should you contact us?

Now, or as soon as you decide it’s time to sell. This doesn’t mean you’ll list your home on the market the next day; in some cases, there are steps to take before you sell. We can help with that!

Our three-step process

  1. In our initial conversation we’ll discuss and agree on strategies to sell your home. This could include how we’ll work together, the steps we’ll take, and the results you want to see.

  2. Link 2 Realty Ltd will arrange for three to five bona fide REALTORS® to meet with you and present why they’re the best choice to sell your property. We’ll give you as much information as necessary to help you make an informed decision.

    You might decide on a REALTOR® based on their personality, their location, the confidence they exude — a plethora of reasons. What’s important is that you feel confident and comfortable in making the right decision for you.

  3. It’s time to contact the REALTORS®. We want you to be comfortable. Link 2 Realty Ltd will work with you to arrange the contacts or you can do it on your own. Either way, we’re there for you every step of the way.

How do we get paid?

When you go to the doctor you have confidence that the doctor has the experience to properly advise you. If they don’t have qualifications in the medical area you need, you trust they’ll refer you to a doctor who does.

When you go to a lawyer, you trust that the lawyer has the knowledge and expertise in the area of law you require. If not, they refer you to a lawyer who does. Right?

Real estate is no different. Link 2 Realty Ltd will help you find the best REALTOR® for your situation.

For REALTORS®, this is a great opportunity. The REALTOR® who sells the property pays us a referral fee for this opportunity. This referral process is an age-old practice that we believe is an effective way to reach the right REALTOR®.

Choose the right REALTOR® for you

You should have confidence in the REALTOR® you work with and trust they’re doing the best job for you. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a REALTOR®.• Someone who knows your neighbourhood. This is beneficial to both sellers and buyers. An understanding of the community where you live means the REALTOR® can more effectively target potential buyers.

  • Someone who knows your competition. Knowing how other REALTORS® approach the market helps a REALTOR® perfect their own approach.
  • Someone who can give you an honest evaluation of your property. Your REALTOR® should present you with a thorough analysis that compares your property to recently sold homes in your neighbourhood.
  • Someone who will work for you. Your home is a big investment. Your REALTOR® should work with you to help you get as much money as possible, in the shortest time, with a seamless experience.

At Link 2 Realty Ltd, we’ll provide you with a select number of REALTORS® that do just that.
We care about the real estate business and the success of the REALTORS® we partner with. Link 2 Realty Ltd won’t list your home. We won’t sell your home. But, we’ll work with your REALTOR® to give them every opportunity to be successful.