Link 2 Realty Ltd

When I first told my Uncle Tom about looking to purchase a house he grinned from ear to ear and was undoubtedly very excited to hear it, but he also told me this was going to be one of the most stressful events of my life. First, he started by explaining I should make a 20-point list of my wants and needs for a house and rank them in priority. If a house didn’t check at least 15 of those points then I shouldn’t bother going to see it. A little while later Tom introduced me to Dan and after the first meeting, I was already comfortable with him. Dan and I hunted for close to a year and we saw a lot of houses. I trusted his experience, he even told me flat out once he wouldn’t let me put an offer in on one because he knew that I’d be disappointed after the thrill of new home ownership would wear off. He walked me through a lot of helpful tricks when looking at homes that I’ve used many times since when helping my friends and family One day out of the blue a perfect house popped up that I loved, Dan got us in for a viewing the same day and during the walk through he mentioned there was already an offer on it but if we rushed back to his office we could put on in too. I couldn’t believe how smooth he had made the entire process seem. I didn’t have an ounce of regret after he told me he felt we made a very good purchase. Obviously, Uncle Tom was the first person I called after the deal was done and I could tell how excited he was for me to start this new phase of my life. After the paperwork was finished and I had a date of possession Dan offered a much newer washer and dryer set. I was actually stunned, I couldn’t believe that he’d give me something like that. I honestly think about Dan every time I do laundry and am looking forward to using him again for our next house.